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Fast & Furious ~

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

I love, love, love Seven Days alt weekly in VT who have been a faithful client of mine for years!  Never one to disappoint with fast turn-arounds and delightful material, here’s my latest piece: an interior illustration of former VT Blue Cross CEO William Milnes, Jr. ~

Sketch was in on Saturday, final due Monday morning.  Now, what can I do for you?

It’s Been a Busy 2012 ~ PART 2

Monday, May 7th, 2012


April, 2012 ~ Interior Piece on Internet Child Predators for Seven Days










& last but not least, I handed in another final today, though I will not be at liberty to disclose anything further until my next post 🙂  I am also happy to report that within a few hours of handing that piece in, I landed another gig with Extra!

WORDS ~ Lavender’s Blue edits are still underway.  In the meantime, I’m about 4 chapters in my new middle grade novel THE RAT CHILDREN.  Here are some chapter heading illustrations for Lavender’s Blue:


That’s all I have to report for now.  I hope to keep the space between this post and the next to a minimum.  Don’t forget to follow me on FB & Twitter!!!  Until next time . . . ~

It’s Been a Busy 2012 So Far ~ PART 1

Monday, May 7th, 2012

I know I’ve been slacking on my 2012 blog posts, and I don’t have much of an excuse – except – that I’ve really been working non-stop on illustrations or my novels since the beginning of the year.  So with no delay, (and with much thanks to Seven Days Alt Weekly in VT and Extra! Magazine for sending me a steady stream of awesome projects,) here are my pieces since last time I blogged:


January, 2012 ~ Extra! Magazine Cover –










February 2012 ~ Seven Days, Interior piece on food bank supply shortages.









February 2012 ~ Seven Days Valentine’s Day Cover











March, 2012 ~ A crazy, fun, seven piece set for Seven Days (Cover & Interior)




























END ~ Part 1 . . . To be continued . . .

Hot Halloween Costumes ~

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

With Halloween only a few days away, I was excited when I received word about a fresh new cover for one of my favorite weeklies, Seven Days in VT.  This illo depicts gubernatorial candidates, Dubie & Shumlin.

I also learned today that my query for Lavender’s Blue made it into the panel judging round where my chances of getting my manuscript read by not only a few of the biggest agents in the game but a publishing giant are one step closer to fruition!

Happy Fourth of July!

Sunday, July 4th, 2010

Happy Fourth of July Everyone!

Go out and enjoy the day and the freedom we take for granted!  Thanks to all of our service men and women who risk their lives to keep America safe and strong.

Here’s a piece recently completed for Seven Days, Burlington VT’s alt. weekly.

Seven Days Cover

Seven Days & John Waters

Monday, December 21st, 2009

It’s been a while since I last posted.  This year seems to have flown by!  Things have been slower than usual the last few months, but I was busy throwing my talents into another creative venture so it was okay, (more on that in a later post.)

I was happy to work with Diane at Seven Days again-always a fun project and straight forward art direction-no revisions…just like I like um!

If I don’t hear from you in the next month, Happy Holidays!  Hope to work with you next year!

Picking Up Steam

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

A Man’s ManIt’s been a fun & busy week.  I just completed my final cartoon for the League of Women Voters Gerrymandering campaign.  It’s on it’s way to Harrisburg where it will hopefully be put to good use.

I also finished a piece for Burlington Vermont’s alternative paper Seven Days.  It was a black and white portrait of the Seattle Stranger’s Editor Dan Savage.  The link to Ken Picard’s article is: www.7dvt.com/2008man-s-man.  I’m hoping Dan will love it so much, I’ll be asked to do a piece for his paper too!

I am just starting a conceptual piece for Library Journal’s newsletter Netconnect which is due in a couple of weeks.  I’m excited as I’m not given the opportunity to work conceptually very often.  I really enjoy opportunities like these to flex my artistic prowess –  and expand my portfolio subject matter to boot.  I’ll post back once I’ve finished.

Well – better put in a few hours on it before Lost’s season finale (which I’m really psyched about) starts.