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Unwinding ~

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

What a whirlwind these last couple of weeks have been!  I haven’t had a moment to breath, which is good I suppose.  The day job has been hopping with many projects and committees and all that fun stuff, leaving me exhausted most nights to really put my heart and sould into my creative projects.  I guess I must really love um though, ’cause I do it anyway.

I’ve really been trying hard to finish up some sketches for Lavender’s Blue on top of final edits before the YALITCHAT query contest winners are announced.  I managed to whittle it down about 30K words to fit in the middle grade genre where it fits much better than in young adult as I had originally intended.  One Sunday afternoon perusing the stacks at my local Borders convinced me that I made the right choice.

I need this novel to be perfect and am content to wait until January to start querying agents.  First impressions account for everything in this biz, so until it’s shiny and pretty it’s not going anywhere.  Some of my beta’s are trickling in and the feedback is encouraging.  What I really need to do however, is reach out and get some unbiased opinions.  I think I’ll put some feelers out to see if I can’t hook one tomorrow.

On the art front, I’m putting the final touches on another piece for Extra! Magazine that’s due in the morning.  It’s been an interesting to watch how my work has evolved this year to an entirely digital canvas.  My Wacom is my best friend in this regard.  I need to upgrade at home.  If you knew me back in college as I fumbles to find the ‘on’ button, (thanks Chris & Kyle!)  you’d be amazed at how far I’ve come.

The Flower Mound piece above was recently commissioned by Fort Worth Weekly and another favorite client.  I feel so blessed that in this year of working on my novel, my go to guys in the art world really came through for me.  I didn’t put much out in the way of self-promotion, so it’s good to know I’m dependable and consistent enough to garner some repeat business and I’m grateful.

I leave you with many thanks and good vibes for a brand new year ~

Fort Worth Weekly

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

I just handed this one in, but figured since I was posting and it might be weeks until I get back to post some more I should just post it now.  I love working with Andrea at Fort Worth.  She had a clear cut idea for this one and even sent me a rough – which when working on such short notice is always appreciated!  I thought that not having to do a background would make this one a bit easier, but boy was I mistaken.  I spent just as much time cleaning up messy edges as I would have painting a background!

A busy few weeks!

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Bush Says Farewell

It’s been a busy couple of weeks with two new pieces for Fort Worth Weekly, another piece for Spokane Metro and the beginnings of a new one for Urban Tulsa Weekly!  Loving it!

I am planning on taking the evening off however for a much needed break!  The kids have been sick so being nursemaid on top of Administrative Assistant, on top of illustrator has left me feeling a tad bit exhausted.  One evening to recoop is doable I think…

Well here is the 1st piece I did for new client Fort Worth Weekly.