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Picking Up Steam

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

A Man’s ManIt’s been a fun & busy week.  I just completed my final cartoon for the League of Women Voters Gerrymandering campaign.  It’s on it’s way to Harrisburg where it will hopefully be put to good use.

I also finished a piece for Burlington Vermont’s alternative paper Seven Days.  It was a black and white portrait of the Seattle Stranger’s Editor Dan Savage.  The link to Ken Picard’s article is: www.7dvt.com/2008man-s-man.  I’m hoping Dan will love it so much, I’ll be asked to do a piece for his paper too!

I am just starting a conceptual piece for Library Journal’s newsletter Netconnect which is due in a couple of weeks.  I’m excited as I’m not given the opportunity to work conceptually very often.  I really enjoy opportunities like these to flex my artistic prowess –  and expand my portfolio subject matter to boot.  I’ll post back once I’ve finished.

Well – better put in a few hours on it before Lost’s season finale (which I’m really psyched about) starts.

And So It Begins!

Sunday, April 6th, 2008

Welcome to my very first blog posting! I’m excited that this blog will allow you to get to know me and for those that I have worked with before – get to know me better. I’m hopeful that this will allow me to keep my clients informed with what new and exciting projects I’m working on – w/out my web gut pulling out his hair with constant updates.

It’s been an interesting start to 08. In February I was approached by Andrea Mulrine, the League of Women Voters PA President about creating a series of political cartoons to assist in illustrating their PA redistricting reform campaign. They are trying to reform the way Congressional & Legislative Districts are drawn in PA – which has some of the worst partisan Gerrymandering in the United States. This is the third cartoon in the series. I have to say that Gerrymandering is definitely not the easiest concept to illustrate – especially multiple times, but I am glad to play a part – albeit a small one with the process. They need to have legislation introduced by June in order to have everything in place before the next census.

In other news I am sending out a mailer next week and am hoping to be super busy in the very near future! So check back in often.