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What I’ve Been Up To ~

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

Hi Everybody ~

After months of misbehaving, my blog’s finally been set straight.  I’m back in business with the ability to post some art again.  Yay!  Thanks Dave!

I’ve some exciting news to share . . . I just finished the first draft of a young adult novel!  I’m ready to share with some beta readers and am roping my pre-teen’s friends into being the first to peruse it.  I’m really excited about this project because it gives me a chance to mesh my two loves ~ words and art.  Now that the words are done, I’m able to focus on the art, and am chompin’ at the bits to get moving on it.  I have some roughs already laid out, so I should have something to post in the near future.

As for recent freelance work, I’ve been blessed with some repeat business.  Last month I did another caricature cover for Seven Days in Burlington VT and just before that, Extra Magazine gave me an intriguing concept to illustrate – the current predicament of education.

Rushing into fall, my favorite season, my to-do list includes an email blast to try to garner some more work, (Christmas is right around the corner!), a series of b/w chapter heading illos for my book and the start of agent submissions.  Should be a busy couple of months!

Until next time ~

Ending the Year on a High Note

Monday, December 21st, 2009

Newsweek\'s Namecalling Neoliberal This piece for Extra! Magazine (I think it’s for their January 2010 issue,) started out a bit troublesome, but I was thrilled to see how it ended.

A tip of the hat to those who hired me in 2009.  My hopes are 2010 will give me the opportunity to work with many new faces. I am excited to see what the new year will bring!

Happy New Year!

Seven Days & John Waters

Monday, December 21st, 2009

It’s been a while since I last posted.  This year seems to have flown by!  Things have been slower than usual the last few months, but I was busy throwing my talents into another creative venture so it was okay, (more on that in a later post.)

I was happy to work with Diane at Seven Days again-always a fun project and straight forward art direction-no revisions…just like I like um!

If I don’t hear from you in the next month, Happy Holidays!  Hope to work with you next year!

New Extra! Magazine Cover

Friday, March 27th, 2009

Fear & Favor 2008

Here’s the latest cover I did for Extra! Magazine.  I just love working for them & Deborah in particular.  I never have to guess at what they are looking for.  These Extra! pieces are always a lot of fun!  Keep um coming!

Urban Tulsa Weekly

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Top Tulsa ChefsI’m pretty sure this one comes out this week.  This was not one of my easiest pieces.  I generally get approval to move to the final after a sketch, maybe a few tweaks, but this one had 4 sketches before it was ultimatley decided that we would use my inital favorite.  All in all, I think it ended up ok.  I am really happy with the final colors.  I have found that the more I end up changing a piece the less I tend to like the final.  I wonder if this happens to other artists…

Fort Worth Weekly

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

I just handed this one in, but figured since I was posting and it might be weeks until I get back to post some more I should just post it now.  I love working with Andrea at Fort Worth.  She had a clear cut idea for this one and even sent me a rough – which when working on such short notice is always appreciated!  I thought that not having to do a background would make this one a bit easier, but boy was I mistaken.  I spent just as much time cleaning up messy edges as I would have painting a background!

Spokane Metro

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Here is a interior piece I did for Spokane Metro.  The one with the man was the one originally approved, but the one with just the sign was what they ultimately went with.

A busy few weeks!

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Bush Says Farewell

It’s been a busy couple of weeks with two new pieces for Fort Worth Weekly, another piece for Spokane Metro and the beginnings of a new one for Urban Tulsa Weekly!  Loving it!

I am planning on taking the evening off however for a much needed break!  The kids have been sick so being nursemaid on top of Administrative Assistant, on top of illustrator has left me feeling a tad bit exhausted.  One evening to recoop is doable I think…

Well here is the 1st piece I did for new client Fort Worth Weekly.

Happy New Year!

Sunday, January 4th, 2009

Happy 2009!  Here’s a piece just finished for Spokane Metro magazine. Indoor Sports